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Our Learning through PLAY Workshop includes a variety of creative ideas designed to keep little ones exploring & developing to their full potential.


The workshops are interactive and fun. These activities can be adapted according to the age of the child – whether your child is at home with your nanny / during school holidays or on a daily basis for a child not yet attending school. We guide Nannies on how to make the most of their home environment – using and re-purposing things that they find in and around the home. We encourage them to vary activities so that the child gets the most benefit and stimulation out of their play – incorporating music & sounds, messy play, fun outdoor play, imagination as well as arts and crafts.

Our aim is to tap into the child’s (and bring back the Nanny’s) imagination and to empower the Nannies to use their own initiative. We encourage the Nannies to share their ideas and experiences and emphasise how shop-bought toys are not the b-all and end-all.

This workshop is about encouragement and positive reinforcement so that your Nanny’s confidence is boosted. We also aim to enhance the relationship between her and the child or children in her care.

The goal is that playtime will be fun for both the child and the Nanny (mom and dad may want to try out some of the creative activities too 😊)

The workshop has been designed by moms with additional input from a playschool teacher and is for nannies who look after children between the ages of 3 mths and five .We believe your Nanny will come away from the workshop feeling motivated and excited with lots of ideas to keep little ones playing and learning