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How much cleaning duties you can realistically expect from your nanny

22 August 2018

When you hire a nanny who takes care of your child and also cleans your home, it is important to set the correct expectations. If the duties pertaining to cleaning is too much your nanny may feel overwhelmed and too stretched. It is okay to add light cleaning duties to your nanny’s routine if you both agree what makes sense and is realistic.

Here are you a few guidelines to follow when setting up your nanny’s work schedule: 

1. Taking care of your children takes priority

Taking care of your children should be your nanny’s number one responsibility. Hence be realistic about what extra tasks you add to your nanny’s schedule. Example, if you have a busy one-year-old, the reality is that your nanny may only have a little time to do additional tasks.

2. Be realistic about extra cleaning tasks

Do not place additional tasks on your nanny that you may find unreasonable. Example, think through your own day caring for your baby and then from there what makes sense. If you know your baby naps a lot, then you can add extra tasks. However, for example, if your baby does not nap much then, of course, this will limit the tasks your nanny can get to.

3. Write it down

Jot down the tasks you want your nanny to focus in so that you both are clear. It is also a good idea to accept that while you have a little one, your house is not going to be perfectly clean. Attached find a helpful document you may print and jot down your nanny’s responsibilities.

4. Nannies help our families

Nannies are very helpful by nature. They enjoy caring for children and will go above and beyond to help out the whole family to look out for the best interest of the children. Nannies who handle housekeeping and chores in addition to taking care of children can make a positive impact on your family’s life. Make sure your nanny is entirely on board with every new assignment that you give her.

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