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Super Nannies is happy to assist our clients with short term contracts should they require a temporary nanny.

Our temporary nannies are available to help families: 

  1. Who are visiting South Africa on holiday;
  2. Whose existing nanny is on maternity leave;
  3. Whose nanny is on sick leave or a parent needs additional help because their spouse is away or unavailable.

These scenarios appear to be our most common requests for a temporary nanny.

Super Nannies follows the same nanny agency placement process whether it is a permanent or temporary nanny. Please read our placement process below. Doing the nanny placement process, the interview and trial procedure is still important especially as children are involved. We still insist on a trial period despite the short time frame.  We never shortcut this process.

Please contact Super Nannies for our temporary rates based on your time period you require the nanny for.


Complete our registration form online to begin the process of finding you a nanny. This helps our nanny agent understand what your requirements are.

step 2

The nanny agency will either call or email you to explain how we work and answer your questions.

step 3

Please pay the registration fee of R250 to kick start the nanny placement process.

step 4

The nanny agent will send you between 3 – 5 profiles to review.

step 5

Once you have decided on the candidates you wish to interview, our nanny agent will organise the nannies for the interview. We will arrange for you to interview between 3-5 candidates, or more if needed, in your own home, at your convenience.

step 6

Once you have interviewed the nannies, you will indicate which nanny you would like to trial. You may trial the nanny for a day. You will need to pay the nanny directly for her day’s work. Super Nannies will let you know what her daily fee is based on her hours worked and her transport costs. We offer a maximum of three days for trial for 1 or 3 nannies.

step 7

If you like the nanny, please inform the agency prior to offering the nanny employment. Our nanny agent will send you all the necessary contracts, paperwork and invoice. We will inform you and advise the nanny on how to proceed forward.

Please take note of our terms and conditions

  • Super Nannies is happy to advise you on all aspects of the process, e.g. deciding what your needs are, interview questions etc.
  • Super Nannies asks that candidates traveling by public transport be reimbursed for their traveling expenses, usually R30-R40. We suggest at least a 1 day trial period to see how the nanny integrates with your family and how you relate to each other.
  • The registration fee covers 6 interviews and 3 trial days. Should a client require additional interviews, an additional registration fee will be charged and R100 for additional trial days.
  • Super Nannies offers an ongoing mediation and support service to help maintain a positive working relationship.
  • Super Nannies will provide you with all relevant contracts and paperwork for your nanny’s employment.
  • For short term contracts, Super Nannies prefer payments to be upfront.
  • All fees become due for payment when the nanny introduced commences employment. Payment of our fee must be made by the date the nanny commences employment, otherwise the candidate will be withdrawn from the job.
  • We do offer a 10 day service level agreement where a client may request a change of candidate but that only applies to candidates that pay by due date indicated on the invoice.
  • Should the client decide to employ our applicant on a permanent basis during or after a temporary assignment, Super Nannies will then invoice the client for a permanent recruitment fee.
  • The full fee will be applicable in the event of a client engaging any Super Nanny applicant within a twelve (12) month period on receipt of the applicant’s profile document or an interview  has been arranged and attended by the client, or any party to whom the client might have introduced the applicant to.
  • Please note that the nannies are free agents until they start a trial service with a potential employer. This means we may send a nanny for more than one interview at a time. We work on a first come, first served basis. If we are in a situation where two potential employers are wanting to hire the same nanny, Super Nannies encourages the nanny to make the choice.
  • Super Nannies’ service level agreement does not apply to nannies in temporary positions.
  • Our nanny agency’s mission is to find the best possible match for both employer and nanny, to ensure a long term, healthy, working relationship.
  • The receipt of the terms and conditions as a tick box on the online registration form will signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions when engaging any applicant from Super Nannies.