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Super Nannies is a nanny training and placement agency that specializes in placing domestic nannies. We are proud to be recommended by baby clinics, midwives and parents in South Africa. We cater for busy working parents and families who are on the go and who may need a nanny or domestic worker to help them manage their busy schedules. Our placement agents are mothers themselves.

Our aim is to ensure that we place a reputable nanny to care for your child or children in the comfort and safety of your home.


References are thoroughly checked and our screening process is a comprehensive procedure – detailed below. We operate transparently and you may also contact the referees yourself to get the reassurance and peace of mind that you may require when hiring a new nanny.

We charge a once off placement fee of 10% of the annual salary. The nanny placement  payment structure is based on the cost model used in the recruitment industry.


  1. Nanny sourcing
  2. CV vetting
  3. Nanny interviews
  4. Basic training
  5. Evaluation of childcare skills 
  6. Reference checking
  7. Real time criminal checks
  8. Interview & trial sessions
  9. Legal documentation, payroll & consultation (contracts, labour law information & UIF assistance)
  10. 3 month probation period
  11. A nanny replacement based on our Service Level Agreements
  12. Relationship management, advice and feedback regarding your nanny
  13. Nanny Training and First Aid Information


Placement fees





Initial registration fee


Once off

Covers the administration costs involved in interviewing the nannies.

Super Nannies

Transport fees

R40 – R50

Per interview

Paid to the nanny when she comes to the interview. Our agent will specify the amount depending on your location and the transport costs to get to the interview.


Daily work rate

R250 – R350

Per trial day

During the trial period. Super Nannies offers a max of 3 days trial per placement. (9 hour work day i.e. 08h00 – 17h00)


Placement fee

10% of annual salary

Once off

Payment is due on receipt of invoice.

Super Nannies


Like most domestic nanny agencies in South Africa, we do charge an initial registration fee for the administration associated with the initial nanny placement process. We do not charge our nannies a registration fee as many of them are unemployed and cannot afford it.

We offer a three month guarantee period valid for one placement effective from the date that the employee commences employment with the client. If the employment relationship is terminated within the first three months of the placement, Super Nannies shall not charge an additional fee for this second placement.

We call up all references whether it is a number that is given to us or a letter of referral. Our screening process comes with specifically designed and detailed questionnaire to ensure there is no fraud. All work experience and references have been recent as in the last two years. Once a nanny has completed her trial and you would like to hire her we can provide the last employers contact details so you may also talk to them. We are all mothers in the business of placing nannies. If we feel uneasy about any reference, we will not take the candidate onboard as the safety of your children is always top priority.

As part of the interview process, we do insist on a 1-3 day trial with your domestic nanny. We believe this to be the “real interview” as this is when you as an employer can assess whether the nanny fits into your family and relates well to you and your children. The agency can check her references in terms of honesty and reliability but we cannot ensure a personality match without a trial. We are in the business of people which includes many personalities so a trial is an important part of the interview process.


A R250 non-refundable registration fee is payable prior to conducting interviews. The registration fee is applicable once profiles have been forwarded to the Client. Should we arrange interviews and a client cancels, or no longer requires our services, the registration fee is still due.


We charge 12% of the annual salary of a permanent placement. This is a once off fee and it comes with a service level agreement and 3 month guarantee period. This does not include the wage to the nanny.


Temporary Placements: Should the client wish to pay month by month, we do charge R900 for each consecutive month. Monthly fees only apply to temporary placements. We do offer a 10 day service level agreement as well as a scaling fee on the total amount charged, this only applies to clients who pay their full temporary placement fee upfront.

Interviews and trials may be conducted on the same day. A transport rebate of R40-R50 is to be refunded to the nanny after an interview. If the interview extends to a trial on the same day the rate is R230 – R250 for a 9 hour day and R150 for a 4 hour day. Please note that the daily rate excludes transport rebate.

Yes we can. We encourage our clients to join UIF online. It’s a simple and effective online process. We provide you with the two registration documents you are required to fill in. To find out more please read UIF online. As for contracts, we assist you closely here. We work with a labour lawyer to ensure all our paperwork is legally correct for both us and our clients.