079 901 3454

079 901 3454


Let us know your requirements and prefences and we’ll help you find a SUPER NANNY! 

We ask for quite a bit of information here, which we use to match you to the most suitable candidates we have.

We’ll prepare a few profiles of our available candidates that match your requirements and send them through to you for review. 

One of our nanny agents will assist you to narrow your selection down to 2 or 3 nannies. 

A convenient time and place will be arranged for you to interview your potential nanny/s.

Placement Registration Form

Parent Contact Information

General Information

Allergies, post natal depression, special needs.

Home Size

This information is important when considering monthly salary requirements.

Nanny Information

Please weight your nanny's caring and cleaning responsibilties?

45hr a week is standard.

Interview Location

Help us improve our services

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As part of the interview process, we do insist on a 1-3 day trial with your domestic nanny. We believe this to be the “real interview” as this is when you as an employer can assess whether the nanny fits into your family and relates well to you and your children. The agency can check her references in terms of honesty and reliability but we cannot ensure a personality match without a trial. We are in the business of people which includes many personalities so a trial is an important part of the interview process.


A R250 non-refundable registration fee is payable prior to conducting interviews. The registration fee is applicable once profiles have been forwarded to the Client. Should we arrange interviews and a client cancels, or no longer requires our services, the registration fee is still due.


We charge 12% of the annual salary of a permanent placement. This is a once off fee and it comes with a service level agreement and 3 month guarantee period. This does not include the wage to the nanny.


Temporary Placements: Should the client wish to pay month by month, we do charge R900 for each consecutive month. Monthly fees only apply to temporary placements. We do offer a 10 day service level agreement as well as a scaling fee on the total amount charged, this only applies to clients who pay their full temporary placement fee upfront.

Interviews and trials may be conducted on the same day. A transport rebate of R40-R50 is to be refunded to the nanny after an interview. If the interview extends to a trial on the same day the rate is R230 – R250 for a 9 hour day and R150 for a 4 hour day. Please note that the daily rate excludes transport rebate.

Yes we can. We encourage our clients to join UIF online. It’s a simple and effective online process. We provide you with the two registration documents you are required to fill in. To find out more please read UIF online. As for contracts, we assist you closely here. We work with a labour lawyer to ensure all our paperwork is legally correct for both us and our clients.