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Leaving your baby with your nanny for the first time

8 August 2018

We’re thrilled to be mentioned in this lovely first hand account from Cherralle With Love Baby. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Click here to view the original blog post. There are some great tips to help you deal with the natural anxiety you experience when leaving your child with your nanny for the first time.

Returning to work after maternity causes a lot of anxiety in parents. On top of this leaving your baby with a nanny for the first time is also quite stressful. You have just spent months with your bundle of joy, and you feel like you know what she needs. How will someone else be able to take care of your baby the way that you do?

  1. Take baby steps, have your nanny shadow you

Have your nanny shadow you during your regular daily routine with your baby. In this way, she gets exposed to how you would like her to care for your baby.

Before your return to work, start leaving your baby with your nanny for short periods of time and gradually increase the time. Example, as you approach your return date, start with leaving your baby with your nanny for one hour and so on. Leaving your baby with your nanny for short periods will help your baby and nanny create a bond, and get use to each other without your presence.

Some time away from home to take care of yourself will also do you some good.

2. Consider training your nanny

There are many establishments available that cover infant and child care skills. Super Nannies is a nanny placement and training company. Their courses cover infant and child care, first aid/CPR, creative play, cooking and home cleaning.

3. Establish a flexible routine and get your nanny onboard

Establishing a routine for your baby will work wonders for your peace of mind and your nanny’s confidence. Good Night Child Sleep Consultancy is an established sleep consultancy which specializes in establishing healthy sleep habits and routines for babies of all ages. If you would like to read up yourself, Babysense covers a range of parenting books, and articles with tips and advice that has been developed by leading parenting experts. You may also download our baby routines.

4. Establish an open line of communication

It is okay to call to check in as many times as you need to. After all, you have been with your baby on a daily basis for months. It is only reasonable that you to want to check up.

A tracking notebook or logbook is an excellent way to stay in the loop of how your baby’s day has been. How your baby slept, fed and how many diapers.

Benefits of using a daily tracker, such as the With Love Baby Journal

  • Keeps you informed of your baby’s day, so you know exactly how your baby’s day has gone
  • Adds structure to your nanny’s day with your baby. By using a daily tracker, your nanny will also feel empowered.
  • Improved communication with you and your nanny. You can see at a glance how your baby’s routine was and then you can have an informed conversation with your nanny
  • Space to document emergency contacts so that important information is all in one place
  • Serves as a special keepsake of fond memories.

5. Be brave

It is not easy when you return to work and need to leave your baby with someone else. However, trust that your baby is safe and secure with your nanny.

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