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DomestiCare | Affordable healthcare for your nanny

25 May 2017

Super Nannies has recently partnered with the CareCross Health Group to offer affordable healthcare to your domestic nannies.

What is DomestiCare? 

DomestiCare is a private day to day healthcare solution  for South Africa domestic workers. This medical care is offered through private medical practitioners of the CareCross Health Group, the largest national network of GP’s, Radiologists and Pathologists who collectively embrace the concept of affordable healthcare.

The benefits for you and your domestic nanny

  • DomestiCare means no more waiting all day in queues to try and see a doctor at a state facility.
  • It means no more travelling, sometimes far from home or place of work early in the morning, to attempt to get to be seen by a doctor.
  • Your domestic worker can make an appointment at a time that suits them and you and they will be seen by a private GP from the CareCross network.
  • If they need acute medication e.g. medicine required to treat a short-term illness, then the required medicine will be prescribed. If the medicine is on the CareCross formulary then there will be nothing to pay.
  • Radiology and pathology tests, if requested by the GP, are also covered – as well as some maternity and HIV benefits.
  • With DomestiCare Plus there are the added benefits of dentistry and optometry, after the required waiting periods.
  • DomestiCare aims to give you and your domestic worker peace-of-mind that their healthcare needs are being properly looked after.

What are the costs involved for DomestiCare? 

Jot down the tasks you want your nanny to focus in so that you both are clear. It is also a good idea to accept that while you have a little one, your house is not going to be perfectly clean. Attached find a helpful document you may print and jot down your nanny’s responsibilities.

3. Nannies help our families

There are 2 options a Domestic worker can choose from. The DomestiCare option for R205.00 per month and the DomestiCare Plus option for R235.00 per month. The DomestiCare Plus differs in that it includes Private Dentistry and Private Optometry benefits.

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